Stability and Change - Adaptive and resilient business processes

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Type and Duration

PhD-Thesis, since February 2021


Institute of Information Systems

Main Research

Business Process Management


Especially in turbulent times, organizations are required to adapt and change themselves and their business processes to the constantly changing environment. This ability to adapt and change is one of the success factors for remaining competitive or ensuring survival.
Within the scope of my research work, I examine this topic on the level of business processes and investigate which fields of action and success factors are decisive in business process management (BPM). A related concept for coping and managing crises is "resilience", which has already been studied in many other research disciplines. However, the IS/BPM commu-nity has not yet addressed how resilient business processes are managed along the entire BPM life cycle. In this context, the use of modern information systems is considered to play a significant role. However, there is still disagreement about which factors are decisive in this regard.
Therefore, the following question arises: How can the adaptability and changeability of busi-ness processes be integrated and managed? To answer this research question, a systematic literature analysis is carried out, in particular, to clarify essential terms and concepts - the Q-Sort method and process mining can also be applied.