Product evolution based on the Fluidglass (FB7) Project

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Type and Duration

FFF-Förderprojekt, March 2024 until March 2025


Liechtenstein School of Architecture

Main Research

Sustainable Planning and Construction


This research aims to leverage the insights from the Fluidglass FB7 project (2013-2017) and apply transdisciplinary research methods. Our focus lies in analyzing changes in the technical, technological, and economic frameworks, considering sustainability aspects such as the EU Green Deal, Net Zero, and ESG. We examine how Fluidglass, as a sustainable facade technology, can drive innovative product definitions in the construction industry. The project aims to advance the transformation of the Fluidglass FB7 project and accelerate the development of sustainable research and product development. Furthermore, we work on integrating Fluidglass into the construction industry, focusing on technical optimization, certification processes, stakeholder collaboration, and automation. We utilize transdisciplinary methods and rely on local partnerships to promote acceptance and increase the sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings.

Practical Application

Our research has direct implications for industry and practice by bridging the gap between research and on site application. By analyzing changes in the frameworks and integrating sustainable technologies, we aim to accelerate product development in the construction industry.

Reference to Liechtenstein

Our interdisciplinary research at the University of Liechtenstein, in collaboration with the LBS Liechtenstein Business School, Department of Entrepreneurship & Management Technology & Innovation, demonstrates the cross-faculty significance of sustainable research tasks and their solutions. Through close collaboration with the local industry, we aim to develop innovative products to address global challenges. This research aims to strengthen regional competitiveness and promote the creation of new partnerships in Liechtenstein and beyond.


ESG, Sustainability, construction industry