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Research Commission

The Research Commission (FOKO) advises the rectorate in the area of research. According to the Organisational Regulations of the University of Liechtenstein, it has the following tasks:

  • Participation in the establishment and focussing of the research priorities of the university;
  • Accompanying the periodic development and evaluation processes for quality assurance in the institutes and centres;
  • Stimulation of research projects that exceed the boundaries of institutes and chairs and lead to disciplinary cooperation within and outside the university;
  • Evaluation of research projects funded by the Research Promotion Fund in accordance with the applicable regulations - as well as orientation and support of interested executive boards on research opportunities offered by external research promotion institutions;
  • Promoting the academic careers of qualified young researchers at the university.

The members of the commission are appointed by the rectorate for a term of three years on the recommendation of the senate. Currently, the Research Commission consists of the following members:

Stefan Seidel, representative Institute for Business Informatics, Vice-Rector Academic Development, Chairperson of FOKO.

Michael Hanke, representative Institute of Finance

Adrian Klammer, representative Institute for Entrepreneurship

Judith Sild, representative institute for Business Law

Daniel Stockhammer, representative institute of Architecture and Planning

Sebastian Stöckl, representative "Mittelbau"