PRIX - A Risk Index for Global Private Investors

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Stöckl, S., Hanke, M., & Angerer, M. (2013). PRIX - A Risk Index for Global Private Investors. Paper presented at the 20th Forecasting Financial Markets 2013, Hannover (Germany).

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Presentation at Scholarly Conference


A Risk Index for Global Private Investors
internes Projekt, March 2016 until March 2019

In this project, we construct a series of risk indices for global private investors (a global, european, north american and asian version). These risk indices will reflect the overall risk of typical ... more ...

The influence of risk and return perception on financial risk taking
FFF-Förderprojekt, June 2011 until February 2014 (finished)

We will investigate the role of risk taking in the human decision making process within the context of investments. A lot of theoretical and experimental research has been conducted in the last 50 ... more ...


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  • Chair in Finance