Own - The Case of a Blockchain Business Model Disrupting the Equity Market

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vom Brocke, J., Basalla, M., Kaiser, L. F., Schneider, J., Ragtschaa, S., Batliner-Staber, F., & Dzinic, E. (2018). Own - The Case of a Blockchain Business Model Disrupting the Equity Market. CONTROLLING - Zeitschrift für erfolgsorientierte Unternehmenssteuerung, 30(5), 19-25. (VHB_3: D)

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Article in Scientific Journal


Blockchain technology has the ability to disrupt most of today’s markets. We describe the business case of the fintech startup Own that aims to use blockchain technology to disrupt the equity market. We use this case to provide a specific example of how blockchain-based business models work and how they can disrupt markets by cutting out intermediaries.


Data driven company valuation and IPO performance prediction
FFF-Förderprojekt, April 2018 until March 2020 (finished)

An important part of every initial public offering (IPO) is an accurate valuation of the company planning to sell shares. Most established valuation methods only take hard financial facts into ... more ...


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  • Institute of Information Systems
  • Hilti Chair of Business Process Management

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