Challenging the frontiers of architectural education

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Kaps, V., Staub P., & De Walsche, J. (2016). Challenging the frontiers of architectural education. archithese(2.2016), 59 - 71.

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Article in Scientific Journal


Today, schools of architecture are no longer solely focusing on teaching and research. In order to justify their relevance, they are often required to bridge the gap between academia and practice and to address a wider audience. By doing so, they start to venture into the expertise of institutions specializing in fostering public awareness for the built environment. New symbiotic partnerships are required.


New Schools of Thought (NeST) - Architectural education in times of homogenisation
FFF-Förderprojekt, March 2015 until May 2017 (finished)

The research project NeST (New Schools of Thought) investigates tendencies in the context of academic homogenisation within European architectural education. It defines a new school of thought as a ... more ...


Organizational Units

  • Institute of Architecture and Planning
  • Architectural Design Theory