Persuasive eyes - How negotiation success shapes eye-directed gaze behavior

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Liegl, S., Maran, T., Furtner, M., & Sachse, P. (2021). Persuasive eyes - How negotiation success shapes eye-directed gaze behavior. Presented at the 63rd Conference of Experimental Psychologists, Ulm, Germany.

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The human eyes accomplish a remarkable task most other senses can only look up to: They are able to both perceive and send information to our environment. Observing the way others look enables us to infer about their focus of attention and differences in status and personality. Further, being able to hold eye contact was found to be related to one's perceived persuasiveness. However, it is not clear whether maintained eye-directed gaze behavior is actually used strategically to persuade others. To gain a deeper insight into how we employ our gaze behavior, we designed an experimental negotiation task during which we measured the gaze behavior of 73 participants acting as negotiation leaders using stationary eye tracking technology. We experimentally varied the negotiation outcomes throughout the task to investigate whether participants' gaze behavior adjusts as a reaction to persuasion success or failure. Our results reveal adaptations in eye-directed gaze behavior when the need to be more persuasive arises. These findings advance our understanding of the communicative function of human gaze and provide a foundation for future experimental research on the inter- and intraindividual factors shaping social gaze behavior.


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