Understanding the Digital Companions of Our Future Generation

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Chandra Kruse, L., Bergener, K., Conboy, K., Lundström, J. E., Maedche, A., Sarker, S., Seeber, I., Stein, A., & & Tømte, C. E. (2023). Understanding the Digital Companions of Our Future Generation. Communications of the Association for Information Systems. (ABDC_2022: A; ABS_2021: 2; VHB_3: C)

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Article in Scientific Journal


AI-bility: Cultivating AI Awareness in Schoolchildren
ERASMUS, November 2021 until October 2023

We observed the abundance of smart toys, adaptive learning applications, and digital assistants for school-children on the market. These products are artificial intelligence (AI) based conversational ... more ...


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  • Liechtenstein Business School
  • Information Systems & Digital Innovation

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