ESG Integration: Value, Growth and Momentum

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Kaiser, L. (2020). ESG Integration: Value, Growth and Momentum. Journal of Asset Management, 21(1), 32-51. (ABDC_2016: B; ABDC_2019: B; ABS_2018: 2; ABS_2021: 2; VHB_3: B)

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Article in Scientific Journal


This study provides finer-grained results about the financial effectiveness of ESG integration when combined with mainstream active investment styles. Specifically, we demonstrate that U.S. and European value, growth and momentum investors can raise their portfolio's sustainability performance without sacrificing financial performance. By constructing size and industry-adjusted sustainability ratings and paying particular attention to characteristic differences of corporate governance aspects, we provide the basis for a successful ESG integration and contribute to the evidence on ESG materiality from a risk perspective. Findings add to the growing demand for sustainable products in the traditional investment industry and overcome the notion of sustainability being a burden to classical investment practices.


Evidence on the link between value and sustainable investing
FFF-Förderprojekt, September 2016 until August 2018 (finished)

The research project at hand can generally be assigned to the field of fundamental investment management and combines non-financial issues in the form of ESG factors with the classical ... more ...


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  • Institute for Financial Services
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