Analyzing Customers' Readiness for Digital B2B Business Models

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Gentner, D., Stelzer, B., & Brecht, L. (2017). Analyzing Customers' Readiness for Digital B2B Business Models. Paper presented at the XXVIII ISPIM Conference: Composing the Innovation Symphony, Vienna, Austria.

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Existing business model literature concludes that the focus of analysis must lie on the customer but does not tell us how to do this in practice. Within the context of Smart PSSs we present a novel method for determining customers' readiness for b2b business models. First, we identify requirements and specifications that must be fulfilled by the customers. We match them to three business model types and generate a morphological option space. Second, we describe the business model types (solution business model, e-business model and contracting business model) in detail. We apply a systematic literature review and a consortium research group design. The overall benefit of our research is threefold. Most important, the archetypes allow a prioritization of customers according to their readiness for digital business models. Besides that, the archetypes provide strategists a detailed description of preconditions and allow them to individually integrate customers into appropriate business models.


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