Organizational Learning and Innovation Efficiency

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Knapp, D., Stein, F., Stock, A., & Brecht, L. (2021). Organizational Learning and Innovation Efficiency. Presented at the EURAM, virtual.

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Presentation at Scholarly Conference


How does an organization succeed in expanding existing innovation capabilities through organizational learning and thereby increase innovation efficiency? To answer this question, a research design was developed based on literature, which depicts the various aspects influencing the variables "Organizational Learning" and "Innovation (Efficiency)". The aspects collaboration, experimentation, knowledge management as well as open-mindedness show different effect strengths, which are explained and discussed after the results are evaluated. The recommendations for action are abstracted so that basic procedures can be clarified and derived to individual needs. The investigation shows in which areas there is a need for additional research. The results explain the connection between the analyzed factors and innovation efficiency. Collaboration and knowledge management have a significantly positive effect. The factor experimentation has a negative influence, and open-mindedness seems to have no influence on innovation efficiency.


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  • Institute of Information Systems
  • Institute for Entrepreneurship
  • Hilti Chair of Business Process Management
  • Chair of Entrepreneurship and Technology