The Scope of Innovation Measurement/Capability/Performance: A Bibliometric Perspective

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Bayrle, N., Stein, F., & Brecht, L. (2019). The Scope of Innovation Measurement/Capability/Performance: A Bibliometric Perspective. Paper presented at the ISPIM Innovation Conference - Celebrating Innovation: 500 Years Since daVinci., Florence.

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This paper aims to explore different perspectives on innovation capability of a firm. Subsequently, this study analyzes the relationships between innovation capability, innovation measurement and innovation performance at the firm level. The research is based on a bibliometric analysis, which includes analyses of research frontiers, keywords, and corresponding time propagations. The dataset consisted of 3,903 scientific publications. Findings showed that innovation capability and measurement are multi-faceted constructs. This research area has become more and more diversified over the considered periods and innovation drivers have emerged. Different innovation capability drivers were identified based on keyword analyses and research frontiers upon which an innovation capability measurement framework was established. Managers and researchers should be aware of a comprehensive view of innovation capability. There are limitations regarding the search string and the parameters used in the bibliometric analyses. Nevertheless, this study provides a state-of-the-art bibliometric analysis of innovation capability, measurement, and performance.


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