Unveiling business model innovation: a comprehensive framework

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Type and Duration

PhD-Thesis, September 2015 until December 2019 (finished)


Competence Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business

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Business model innovation represents an essential cornerstone of entrepreneurship and innovation research and gains prominence among enterprises as differentiation and innovation factor in the context of global digitalization.
This dissertation investigates business models and their iterative process of business model innovation. Further, it presents the linkage to business strategy, innovation management and economic theory.
Despite the growing interest in business model innovation, empirical findings are rare and not clear-cut and the research field so far lacks a comprehensive framework that supports entrepreneurs and managers in their endeavor to innovate their firms' business models.
This dissertation contributes in theoretical and empirical ways to the young and fragmented research field of business model innovation and allows to derive practical as well as theoretical implications.


Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Innovation, Business model innovation