International knowledge marketing - the commercialization of knowledge based resources with the support of reputation

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Type and Duration

PhD-Thesis, September 2009 until September 2015 (finished)


Chair in International Management

Main Research

Growth and Complexity

Field of Research

Knowledge Work and Knowledge Management
International and Strategic Management


The two fields of research, knowledge marketing and reputation management of the company has become significantly important in the science community. Both topics have been just fragmentary worked on. The main object of the dissertation is to gain additional qualitive and innovative information in these research fields. Therefore one goal is to evaluate the current "state of the art" in these scientific fields. In addition, it is important to analyze existing deficits or vacancies in the searching fields. Furthermore the dissertation will help to develop or point out fundamental instruments and methods of selling the organisation's resource of knowledge (for example consulting competence in the insurance industry) without uncover strategic knowledge elements to customers or competitors. Hence the central research question is: How do knowledge intensive organizations exploit their "Know-How" on the knowledge market and how do these organizations protect this "Know-How" for sustainable long-term development? The management of brand image and reputation in organizations plays an important role for this subject. Therefore another research question is predestined to follow: How do you strategically build up the reputation of an organization and which strategies of exploiting reputation as competitive advantage can organizations use to obtain in the international business rivalry? Many different criteria of knowledge goods or services are relevant for this, for example the simplified ability of copying artificial knowledge goods or the construction and servicing of a sustainable customer base for reputation development. The usage of marketing strategies, especially in the insurance industry shall give neat solutions to generate, to improve and to protect the reputation and knowledge goods of organizations. For this purpose, implemented strategies regional insurance sector will be analyzed and evaluated, for example strategies of entering new markets.

Reference to Liechtenstein

Prozesse und Erfolgsfaktoren des Wissensmarketings sind vor allem im Bereich von wissensintensiven Branchen in Liechtenstein von Bedeutung. Die Case Study mit der Ivoclar Vivadent hat gezeigt, dass hier besonders Prozesse der Wissensidentifizierung, -transfer, -präsentation und die Entwicklung von Wissensnetzwerken eine Rolle spielen. Dazu wurden Reputation, Vertrauen und die Problemlösungskompetenz der Mitarbeiter als markante Erfolgsfaktoren im Bereich des Wissensmarketings in Liechtenstein hervorgehoben.


Knowledge Management, Knowledge Marketing, international management of marketing, insurance industry


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