Strategic Knowledge Management

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Type and Duration

PhD-Thesis, March 2010 until May 2013 (finished)


Chair in International Management

Main Research

Growth and Complexity

Field of Research

Knowledge Work and Knowledge Management
International and Strategic Management


The management of "knowledge" is seen as a key challenge in the current business environment. The most important component of a sustainable competitive advantage is the knowledge/expertise of the individuals working for a company. The aim of every company should therefore be to maximise that knowledge in order to provide added value to the customer.

The customer provides an important external information for the company as it is the client who handles the product and service on a daily basis. Problems, experiences and improvements can be more easily identified and passed to the company by the customer base. The findings can then be included in the innovation process. Very little research has been done in this scientific field as to how customer knowledge can be integrated into a strategic management process. As a result the main purpose of the dissertation is to provide additional research and insight into customer knowledge management within knowledge intensive enterprises. The aim of the dissertation is to develop methods and ways in which the resource knowledge (mainly customer knowledge) can be used sensibly by strategic management. The customer input should not only help the entrepreneurial innovation process but can also be integrated into the strategic management process.

The customers (knowledge workers) of the company, innoForce.Est, have been chosen as a test case to be researched and evaluated. The findings will be used and incorporated into the strategic management so that the company gains a sustainable and profitable position in the market.

Reference to Liechtenstein

Mit dem erfolgreichen Abschluss einer Doktorarbeit zum Thema Kundenwissen endete das dreijährige kooperative Doktorat zwischen dem Unternehmen INNOFORCE Est. aus Balzers und der Universität Liechtenstein. Hierbei wurde festgestellt, dass sich für Unternehmen ein verborgener Wissensschatz bei den strategischen Kunden befindet. Der strategische Kunde wird zunehmend zum aktiven Wertschöpfungs- und Lernpartner für das Unternehmen. Dies gilt im besonderen Ausmasse für Liechtenstein als hochpreisigem Wissensstandort.


Knowledge Management, Strategic Management


  • Diehr, G., & Wilhelm, S. (2014). How can Strategic Customers be utilized for Knowledge Marketing in Knowledge Intensive SMEs?. Paper presented at the International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD), Matera, Italy.