The role of cryptocurrency in asset management

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Type and Duration

PhD-Thesis, February 2016 until January 2021 (finished)


Chair in Finance

Main Research

Wealth Management

Field of Research

Behavioural Finance


Blockchain technology and digital currencies enable users to generate units of currency and transfer funds without intermediaries. With a market cap of approximately $6.4 billion, Bitcoin is the largest decentralized digital currency on the market. Banks, stock exchanges, and investment funds are taking notice of this innovative technology. Sophisticated instruments for investing in cryptocurrency have emerged including publicly traded Bitcoin funds, ETFs, uncollateralized lending, and arbitrage opportunities.

The objective of this research is to investigate if cryptocurrency is a valuable component of retail investor portfolios. A successful study will explain the risks associated with distributed digital currencies. Global regulation surrounding cryptocurrency will also be integral to understanding the role of digital currencies in asset management.


Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin