Conformity and guarantees in the digital single market: new challenges for Liechtenstein

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Type and Duration

FFF-Förderprojekt, February 2020 until January 2021


Propter Homines Chair for Banking and Financial Market Law

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Recently, the European Commission has presented its Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe. The Commission estimates that bringing down trade barriers in the digital world could contribute an additional EUR 415 billion to European GDP. Therefore, the European Commission aims at fostering economic growth while providing a high level of consumer protection.
As part of the Digital Single Market Strategy, the European legislator has issued two directives on the sale of goods that will soon affect Liechtenstein and the European Economic Agreement as well. After all, Liechtenstein has an imminent interest in bringing down trade barriers for cross-border digital trading in order to allow national companies to participate in the European single market.
Transposing the directive into national law will pose new challenges to the national legislator. The research project focuses on these challenges by defining the European parameters and identifying the national need for action.

Principal Investigator


  • Burtscher, B., & Spitzer, M. (2020). Schadensabwicklung durch den Kfz-Versicherer. Wien, Austria: Verlag Österreich.