Human capital management consultant - A sociological and economic analysis of management consultants under consideration of parentage, compatibility, career paths and professional opportunities

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Type and Duration

PhD-Thesis, since September 2015


Chair in International Management

Main Research

Growth and Complexity

Field of Research

Knowledge Work and Knowledge Management


After the consulting industry has recovered from their crisis and consolidation years 2009/10, this industry again counts to one of the most attractive and popular employers for graduates and people with academic and industry background.

Even more astonishingly is that almost no scientific papers are available which consider the personality of management consultants, their motivation, their goals and their character and comparing these findings with the employee selection processes of consulting firms. It is one of the main goals of the planned dissertation to fill this scientific gap. It is additionally scheduled to compare the planned carrier paths of young consulting beginners with CV's of longtime and former business consultants. Since the dissertation intended to make a practical added value also outside the consulting environment, it is planned to examine experiences of companies which are employing former business consultants. The main topic will be to identify the reasons why companies specifically looking for former business consultants and what kind of experience they have made with these kind of employees.
With the help of the planned dissertation, it should therefore be possible to draw a comprehensive picture of the person behind the job as business consultant and the influence of this profession on them. Furthermore, it will be pointed out, how and with what kind of methods consulting company's evaluate and recruit new employees as well as the reasons for a rising career or an exit from the consulting industry.
Another important aspect of the project will be to analyze and compare career paths of former consultants, there perception in the market and the experience of new employers.

Derived from the results of the detailed literature review and the empirical studies it is planned to create and publish up to five articles.


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