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Business process management as an enabler of innovation

Type and Duration

Preproposal PhD-Thesis, since September 2017


Hilti Chair of Business Process Management

Main Research

Business Process Management

Field of Research

Process Management


Business process management (BPM) has evolved as an important research field and practice domain during the last decades. Today, the holistic management approach plays an increasingly crucial role for organizations for several reasons. On the one hand, BPM focuses on running and improving organizational processes, which is called exploitative BPM. On the other hand, BPM enables organizations to develop innovation capabilities, which is referred to as explorative BPM. Following an exploration approach, process-oriented organizations adapt to changing requirements in an agile way and leverage the potential of new technologies and innovations quickly. Often organizations have a clear understanding of planned innovations, but struggle with their implementations. While innovation management and BPM have separately received attention from researchers and practitioners, only few academic studies focus on the combination of BPM and innovation management. The dissertation project aims to find prescriptive approaches to provide guidelines and suggestions on explorative BPM in organizational environments. Several study projects, including a literature review, case studies and interviews, build the corner stones of this dissertation project. These studies lay a foundation and provide a framework for explorative BPM. Additionally, the dissertation project provides practitioners with a general guidance for enabling and managing innovations through BPM.


Innovation, Organisational Studies, Explorative business process management