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Psychological counselling

Students can find themselves in difficult situations that require special support and/or professional advice and assistance. Alongside subject- and content-specific support for students, it is also clear that there is further requirement for advice and support in various regards:

  • Health-related aspects
  • Psychological aspects
  • Teaching-related psychological aspects
  • Legal aspects
  • Gender and diversity aspects
  • Financial aspects
  • Conflict management

The support concept is based on a close-knit support network that includes professionals from both inside and outside the university who work in the various disciplines.

A team of representatives is available as a direct point of contact and to act as intermediaries for students who find themselves in difficult situations. Those seeking advice can freely choose a member of the support office to turn to. As part of the direct contact between the member of the support team and the student, specific support options are explored, and the people/institutions identified that can provide the right support. 
Members of the support team can also be contacted at: