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We care about the fun part...

The SPINNEREI is the student's office of the University of Liechtenstein, responsible for fun events, sports and campus life. We organize a variety of events during the semester, we run the weekly Red Cube Bar and we work with other students initiatives.

If you have an idea for an event, if you want to start a new club or a student initiative at the University of Liechtenstein, we are always happy to support you! For more information, please send an email to the Spinnerei or Manuel Beck or just drop by in room G216.

Calender of events

Regular events

Student Bar - Red Cube

The Red Cube is our weekly open-air bar, where students and university staff alike meet. The place to linger! Fine drinks and a good mood are guaranteed!
Thursdays 12 - 13 o'clock and 16.30 - ca. 19 o'clock

Student Pub

Student pub

Student Pub
@Andys Bunker, Landstrasse 92, 9494 Schaan.
Special Student Prices.


The annual UniBall traditionally takes place in November and is organized by students of the University of Liechtenstein in cooperation with SPINNEREI. It is aimed at all students, staff, lecturers, alumni, their guests and the interested public. 

Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremonies with the ceremonial presentation of the diploma certificates  represent a highlight of the academic year at the University of Liechtenstein. They take place twice a year (April/September) in a festive setting at the University of Liechtenstein. In addition, a graduation ceremony is held for the graduates of the diploma and certificate courses.

Student initiatives

The University of Liechtenstein has a large number of student organizations and associations.

We are always interested in new members and motivated students who would like to participate or help at events. If you have an idea and would like to contribute to a new association or student initiative at the University of Liechtenstein, we are always happy to support you and your initiative. For more information, please send an email to Manuel Beck.


aiesec_logoAIESEC is the world’s largest non-political, non-religious and non-profit youth-led organization. AIESEC offers you a global platform to gain practical experience during an internship or a voluntary opportunity in more than 125 countries worldwide. If you want to develop yourself personally and professionally, like more than 30.000 other students yearly, click on the link below and find out more about your opportunities! 

Get in contact with the organizers of AIESEC for Liechtenstein if you're interested in actively engaging with AIESEC or if you look for an international internship or voluntary opportunity. Further information can also be found here.


buddyThe buddy program is run by ESN Liechtenstein. A “buddy” is a regular student at the University of Liechtenstein who either has taken or is planning to take part in an exchange program or a person who enjoys meeting people from other cultures. 
Your buddy is your first contact besides the International Office staff. If you have any questions about life in Vaduz or studying at the University of Liechtenstein, you can get in touch with a “buddy” before arrival. Your buddy may pick you up from the railway stations or bus stops, will join events organized for incoming students and / or plan their own activities with you. 

If you're interested in taking care of international students, please directly contact the buddy program's organizers or contact the International Office. If you participate in the buddy program, your chances to receive your first choice of university during your application process for your own semester abroad will increase drastically.  

The buddy program is always looking for motivated buddies to take care of incoming international students!

Club Alpbach

alpbachClub Alpbach Liechtenstein is a non-profit club which aims at supporting and maintaining European Collaboration. Every year, young people with a connection to Liechtenstein are enabled to exchange ideas and experiences with remarkable personalities and experts from the areas of economics, politics and culture at the yearly Forum Alpach. In addition, a scholarship is awarded to motivated students. 

Please get in contact with Club Alpbach's organizers, visit their website and get actively engaged to enhance your network and actively collaborate with the other members.

Data Science Club

data science clubThe Data Science Club is a group of Master Students who work together on Data Science projects by leveraging existing individual knowledge, group collaborations, and applying this to real world projects. We have an addiction to solving problems, growing our skill-set, and learning new technologies. Our goal is to work on real world projects for the university, companies and competitions while being recognized as a viable option for partnership.

Master students with interests in Statistics, ML and AI, programming, and willing to spend 10+ hours a week working on the projects are welcome to apply. Knowledge in one coding language and work experience required.

 Get in contact with the Data Science Club.

Erasmus Student Network Liechtenstein

esnESN Liechtenstein is part of one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations which is represented in 40 European countries with over 500 sections. It aims at providing help for international students coming to Liechtenstein as well as for students planning an exchange semester abroad.

ESN offers support for newcomers during the orientation phase and facilitates the integration process by organizing cultural events and excursions.  By that, the Liechtenstein culture and contact with local students should be fostered. 

If you're interested to enhance your contact to other cultures and engage in ESN activities, or if you want to go abroad with Erasmus, we're the organization you should contact! We're happy to receive your questions or suggestions, or just see you at one of our meetings!

Further information can be found on our website or Facebook!

Finance Club

financeclubFounded in 2018, it is our goal and task to connect students with the financial industry. We want to impart industry related knowledge in the areas of asset management, wealth management and investment banking. Furthermore it is our mission to reconnect former UniLi-students with current cohorts, in order to create a self-sustaining network.

foraus - Forum Aussenpolitik

forausThe Think-Tank foraus shapes foreign policies with the ideas of hundreds of young and clever minds who are engaged with us on a voluntary basis. With a unique Grassroots-Modell, we build up on a network of members from research, public service, diplomacy and economics,  who use foraus as innovative platform.

Just get in contact with foraus Liechtenstein and get involved with the creation of Liechtensteins' foraus Think Tank and enhance your network.

Landsmannschaft Invictus zu Vaduz

The Landsmannschaft Invictus zu Vaduz is a student fraternity for male students. It offers a tight network with lots of contacts and various activities. Further information is provided on their facebook or homepage

If you're interested to become part of the fraternity as well as their network and continuous meetings, you can contact them directly.

JCI - Junior Chamber International Liechtenstein Werdenberg

JCI is an association of young and entrepreneurial thinking people from the Liechtenstein and Werdenberg region. It offers its members an exciting mix of professional networking, personal development and insights into a variety of businesses as well as the possibility to create the future. 

If you're interested in participating in a JCI event, please get some more information about the upcoming events on their Homepage.


Rotaract is a worldwide non-profit organisation of over 176'000 young adults aged between 18 and 30 years. Since April 2017 Rotaract is also present in Liechtenstein. We meet twice a month and are looking forward to you visiting us!

Contact us directly.


startSTART Vaduz is a student initiative at the University of Liechtenstein and part of the international START global network. Motivation meets innovation!  Their most important task can be described as passing on the philosophy of gaining, exchanging and perfecting the knowledge about both entre- and intrapreneurship. 

If you're interested in actively engaging with START and improving your network, just get in contact with the responsible people from START or have a look at their Facebook page!


toastmasterThis rhetoric club aims to improve speaking abilities. The procedure follows the agenda of a Toastmasters International meeting - therefore, prepared speeches are given, focusing on speech projects, as well as spontanious table topics. Any speech is evaluated by other participants in a constructive manner in order to recognize strengths and overcome weaknesses. 

Meetings are conducted most of all in English but if wanted also in German, and other languages might apply in the future. 

If you're interested to participate in events or if you have further questions, please get in contact directly with the responsible members of ToastmastersLie.


unichor logoThe Unichoir performs at official events of the University of Liechtenstein. Therefore, the meeting schedule depends on upcoming events  and the interests of participating students and employees of the University of Liechtenstein.

Just send a mail to find out when the next rehearsal takes place. 



Unilicorn says "Hoi" and is happy to meet you!