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Graduation Ceremony at the University of Liechtenstein

The Graduation Ceremony, where Diplomas and Diploma Supplements are handed over to graduates, are one of the highlights of the academic year at the University of Liechtenstein. We would like to congratulate all our prospective graduates and are looking forward to celebrating this special occasion with you. Diploma Ceremonies take place twice a year (April/September) in a festive manner at the University of Liechtenstein.

There will also be a separate graduation ceremony for the graduates of the diploma and certificate programmes.


Date/Event Location

The date for Autumn 2022 is Friday, September 30. The venue is Spoerry Halle, Vaduz.


Invitations will be sent to those students, who will be graduating in the current semester.An invitation with all relevant information about the ceremony and registration will be sent to students as a save the date via e-mail (we ask you to also check your spam folder).

Note: Please note that the ceremony will be held in German. However, parts of the graduation ceremony will be available in English as well.


To ensure that all graduates can bring guests, the number of guests is limited.  All guests are invited to an aperitif following the ceremony.

Note: The holding of an aperitif, as well as the arrangements regarding guests, is dependent on further developments related to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Registration/cancellation needs to be done via the registration tool. It is not possible to register after this date. The link to the registration tool can be found here at the corresponding time.

Short-term cancellations are only possible via

Important: Your registration will not be valid until you have received an automatically generated e-mail confirmation immediately after sending the registration.


All graduates have to register themselves at the venue no later than 3.30 p.m. Only registered graduates will receive their diploma at the graduation ceremony. It is expected of all graduates, to participate in the media session prior to the graduation ceremony. Detailed information about the procedure of the ceremony will be sent to all graduates in due time.

Note: Please note that only registered and attending graduates will receive any prizes.

Arrival and Parking

The venue is located on the campus of the university, above Vaduz, in the former Spoerry cotton mill and is easily accessible by public transport. More Information: General Information. If you arrive by private transport: More detailed information will follow on here in time.