ULSV - University of Liechtenstein Student Union

The University of Liechtenstein Student Union (ULSV) is an official, independent body at the University of Liechtenstein that actively contributes to the university’s development. The ULSV is staffed by students on a voluntary basis and is committed to representing the interests of everyone studying at the university.

What? Why? How?

Why we exist and the benefits we provide

We believe in a better world through education and personal development, which is why we promote an inspiring learning environment and student commitment.
Through education we acquire information and generate knowledge about content and processes. Our world view and our understanding of people are formed through our own personal development. Thanks to these experiences we are able to sustainably shape our future for the better.

How we realise our mission

We proactively approach our colleagues (students), listen to their concerns and interests and convey these to the university.
We represent the students in various bodies of the university (the rector’s office, the senate, department meetings and the various commissions) and are in constant contact with the lecturers and university staff. First, the students discuss urgent matters with the persons involved and if unsuccessful, they turn to the ULSV. We see ourselves as a link between the students and the numerous contact persons at the university. 
We cover your back and make sure, that you are free to concentrate on your learning experience.

What we hope to achieve

We are committed to ensuring the sustainable high quality of the university environment, promoting an inspiring learning environment and motivating our fellow students.
This includes the learning atmosphere in the lectures and design studios, lecturers who make a significant contribution to successful learning, the organisational and administrative framework of the university, the students themselves and the infrastructure that supports different ways of learning. These can be spaces for creative work, teamwork, quiet work or even retreat areas. We are convinced that important learning processes and personal development also take place away from the lectures, such as discussions with other students or one’s own projects. For this reason we are committed to an active campus life where students can network, exchange ideas, implement projects, try things out or just talk about everything and anything.


Our three main pillars

To achieve our goals, we intervene and interact with the University of Liechtenstein on the basis of three main pillars.

Quality assurance for the teaching and the university study environment

- Teaching: Lecturers and content
- Processes, organisation and administration
Both the method of teaching and the content are the main contributors to the learning experience at the university. We therefore focus on these qualities in order to best support the students' learning success. The basic conditions and processes help to maintain and continuously optimise the quality of learning and to relieve the burden on the university staff and simplify day-to-day work, so we can concentrate on what is most important – the learning experience.

An inspiring and motivating atmosphere

- “First aid” for all the students‘  questions and concerns
Transparent communication and discussion
- Network and projects, commitment & co-creation
- Campus life  and infrastructure
- Awards and accolades
We are the point of contact for any questions or concerns on the part of the students and play a mediating role between the students and the university. We do our best to pave the way for learning and research to flow freely again.
Social skills such as networking, negotiation skills and the ability to win over others for an idea are essential in both professional and private life. This is why we believe an active campus life also presents many opportunities to apply and sharpen these skills. It is therefore essential that the curriculum allows the students enough freedom to take an active part in life on the campus.

Social and sustainability awareness

Focus on long-term solutions rather than just symptom control.                                                              
We make a contribution to the university environment and play an active role in the student body.
In our initiatives we are looking for long-term solutions and to avoid the short-term suppression of symptoms. In addition, we strive for ecologically compatible goals in harmony with nature and humanity.



Our rules of procedure (German only)

Student Regulations

Evaluation of the Survey - Campus Life @ unili 2018

Evaluation of the Survey - Studying @ unili 2019



Do you have any questions or comments? Then simply contact us per email at ulsv@uni.li.


Board of directors


Stefan Radu, Master Finance 

Sophie Breitruck, Bachelor Architecture

Valerie Winkelmann, Master Architecture

Johannes Wunsch, Bachelor Business Administration





Mentorenpreis & Best Teaching Award 2018