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On this page we answer the most frequently asked questions by freshmen. We also recommend you to have a look at our handbook which was created especially for freshmen. This handbook gives you an overview of relevant and important topics related to the start of your studies. For further questions please contact your welcome guides via

Living and staying in Liechtenstein 

Where is the best place to live in the Rhine Valley Region? And how can I find apartments?
We recommend living in Liechtenstein, Austria or Switzerland for the time of your studies. 

You have the possibility to live in the student dormitory which is located very closely to the university. Staying at the dorms is definitely a unique experience as you will live with many other students from all over the world. For more information about availability and booking please contact Gabriela Cortés ( Additional information about living and staying in Liechtenstein and the Rhine Valley Region can be found on

Important: We support you with the application for a residence permit to stay in Liechtenstein. In case you apply for a residence in Austria or Switzerland you must take care of all the formalities by yourself. Non-European citizens can only live in Liechtenstein with their visa.

Do I need a residence permit for the Principality of Liechtenstein? If so, what is needed to apply?
Students who wish to take up temporary residence in Liechtenstein for the purpose of study need to apply for a short-term residence permit. Residence permits are issued by the Immigration and Passport Office. The coordination center of permits will assist you in the application process.
Students from third countries require a visa to enter Liechtenstein.
Please, remember that the University of Liechtenstein provides support – do not start the procedure yourself but contact the university’s coordination center for permits.

EU/EWR citizens are free to choose Austria or Switzerland for living. Please note that we are not able to assist you with the application process for a residence permit and other formalities in this case.

Do I need an insurance when studying in Liechtenstein?
Individuals who live in Liechtenstein for more than three month are legally required to take out a health insurance. EU students legally insured in their own country are exempt from taking out the mandatory insurance upon presentation of the European Health Insurance Card or a provisional substitute confirmation. Both may be requested from the health insurance provider in your home country. Travel insurance from your home country is not accepted as insurance coverage.

If you enter from a country which does not have a reciprocal insurance agreement with Liechtenstein, you are required to take out insurance either in your native country or in Liechtenstein/Switzerland. On request we supply a list of insurance companies in Liechtenstein/Switzerland.

Start of your studies

When does the semester start?
As soon as you are accepted at the University of Liechtenstein you will receive a Welcome Package, containing all relevant information. Officially, the fall term always starts in the beginning of September and the spring term starts in the beginning of February with an introduction week. The introduction week for the next semester will be taking place from September 04-09, 2017.

What is going to happen during the introduction week?
The introduction week is the starting point of your studies at the University of Liechtenstein. This week will help you to find your way around Liechtenstein, the university and your programme of study. During the introduction week you will deal with different administrative issues, get in touch with your fellow students and it should help you to have a pleasant start. Please notice that the introduction week is mandatory for all freshmen.

Do I have to sign up for any courses before the semester starts?
Yes. You have to sign up for the cross faculty course(s) before the introduction week. You will receive information about the exact process of application via e-mail!

You will find the registration deadlines and further information following this link.
The registration for all other courses of your studies and your exams is open also after the introduction week. Please make sure that the cross faculty courses you select upfront fit into the schedule of the other courses that you will attend. If you have any questions in regards to courses please contact Monika Litscher (cross faculty courses) or your programme manager.

Are there any other recommendations?
Join our facebook group to get to know all other freshmen and also get useful information about your studies, different activities and about Liechtenstein. Additionally we have prepared a checklist that will help you to have a smooth start.

Who can help if I have any questions?
Welcome Guides
Our welcome guides are happy to share their experiences and knowledge about studying, living, travelling etc. with you. You can get in touch with them even before you arrive at the university via with any query you might have.

In case you have any question about accommodation, travel or transportation or in case of an emergency you can contact our Helpline under +423 265 1119. Our staff and students are 24/7 available for any queries starting from one month prior to the start of studies.

Transportation and Orientation

How do I reach the university?

Where do I get a bus ticket?
You will have the possibility to buy your semester bus ticket for Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg during the introduction week. Please make sure to have CHF 280.-- in cash with you (for those 25 and younger).

Where can I park at the university?/ Where do I get a parking ticket?


How and when do I get a lecture schedule?
You will receive a complete introduction of all the lectures available from your programme manager during the introduction week or even before (depending on the study programme). In order to get further information, please contact your study coordinator. Please make sure that the cross faculty courses you select upfront fit into the schedule for the other courses that you will attend.

Who can I contact in case of a problem?
Executive Director (of Programme)
If you have any questions regarding the programme or lectures please do not hesitate to contact your Executive Director (of Programme).

Bernd Schenk (BSc Business Administration)
Jeannette Risch (BSc Architecture, MSc. Architecture)
Matthias Filser (MSc Entrepreneurship)
Florian Schaller (MSc Finance)
Roope Jaakonmäki (MSc Information System) student care
The university offers a professional consolation network if students face any problems.

ULSV is the students council of the University of Liechtenstein and represents all students. If you have any problems or ideas please contact them.

Study Financing and Working in Liechtenstein

Is it possible to work while studying?
Everything depends on your study programme and your curriculum. Students who live in Liechtenstein with a short-term residence permit are allowed to work up to 35% during the semester and 100% during semester breaks. We recommend all students to work no more than 35% besides their studies. In Liechtenstein many companies are looking for part-time employees with flexible working hours. All available offers are published at our job bank on the career:service page.

I am looking for a job to gain some professional experience. Can the university assist?
The university offers a special platform for students: career:service.  On this page students can find a wide range of job offers. Additionally the career:service arranges career workshops, individual coaching and events with regional companies.

Do I have the possibility to receive any funding?
You can apply for a variaty of scholarships which are provided by the different institutes and their partners. Further information.