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Ambassadors - Master Architecture

Have you decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Architecture, but are still unsure about where to study? Is Liechtenstein an option for you? Do you have any questions about the course, admission requirements, student life, living expenses etc.? If the answer is yes, please contact one of our student ambassadors! They will be happy to assist you in answering your questions by providing hands-on information and authentic insight about their own experiences.


20180614_StudentsAmbassadors_Architektur_MSc_Nina-Meusburger-AT.jpgNina Meusburger, Austria
- lives in Austria
- spent a semester abroad
- works part-time

The University of Liechtenstein is like a family that supports me, challenges me and drives me forward. Here you are member of a community and not just a number.

Email: nina.meusburger@uni.li


20180614_StudentsAmbassadors_Architektur_MSc_Franziska-Moehrle-DE.jpgFranziska Möhrle, Germany
-lives in Austria
- was a student employee at the university
- works part-time

The small size of the university and the close contact with students and lecturers create a real family-like atmosphere. I recommend that you look at the studio as your living room and spend a lot of time there instead of going home after the regular lectures.

Email: franziska.moehrle@uni.li


20180614_StudentsAmbassadors_Architektur_MSc_Daniel-Haselsberger-CH.jpgDaniel Haselsberger, Switzerland
- lives in Switzerland
- works part-time

If you like the personal atmosphere of an international group of students, if you are interested in a more sustainable way of designing architecture and if you appreciate the proximity of nature, the University of Liechtenstein is the right place for you.

Email: daniel.haselsberger@uni.li


20180614_StudentsAmbassadors_Architektur_MSc_Hanna-Hajda-PL.jpgHanna Hajda, Poland
- lives in the dorms
- has a scholarship
- is spending a semester abroad in Jerusalem

I am studying at the University of Liechtenstein to deepen my knowledge in the field of architecture. The small groups and the family environment stimulate learning.

Email: hanna.hajda@uni.li


20180614_StudentsAmbassadors_Architektur_MSc_Nadine-Schoenberger-DE.jpgNadine Schönberger, Germany
- lives in the dorms
- is a student employee at the university

For me, studying at the University of Liechtenstein means being part of a family-like, personal and intercultural community. Here I have the chance to get to know people from all over the world and from many cultures. Everyone is open minded and tries their best to help me find my way. Also the experience studying in the University of Liechtenstein broadens my horizon in lots of ways. In addition, I have the opportunity to live in a breathtaking alpine landscape.

Email: nadine.schoenberger@uni.li


20180614_StudentsAmbassadors_Architektur_MSc_Nina-Beck-AT.jpgNina Beck, Austria
- lives in Austria
- works part-time
- does a semester abroad

At the University of Liechtenstein, I appreciate the chance to be able to work and study at the same time as well as the family-like atmosphere at this small university. If you live far away from the university I can recommend carpooling; it’s more fun and less expensive!

Email: nina.beck@uni.li