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Student Ambassadors – MSc Information Systems

You have decided to pursue a Master in Information Systems, but are still indecisive of where to go? Is Liechtenstein an option for you? Do you still have questions about the study programme, admission requirements, student life, living costs etc.? If the answer is yes, please contact one of our regional ambassadors! They are happy to assist you in answering your questions by providing hands on information and by talking authentically about their own experiences.


Shaho Alaee, United States

The University of Liechtenstein provides the perfect atmosphere for motivated, self-driven, and ambitious students to push themselves further in their field. Matched with a breath-taking environment, students are able to work on, create, and complete projects that are applicable in the professional arena. Join us for an experience of a lifetime while developing personal, academic, and professional skills.



 Efthymia Arvaniti, Greece

Studying Information Systems and Business Process Management in the heart of Europe, at the University of Liechtenstein, provides you with all the tools and knowledge needed to start building your future career. The program includes leading edge research on the IT field, while giving you the opportunity to get insights of various companies in the area, and challenges you to work in innovative real-life projects.


 Iliyan Iliev, Bulgaria

The uniqueness of studying Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein is the atmosphere created at this magical land. I am describing the interconnected environment that allows for access to information and people allowing for great opportunities for an enthusiastic and creative student. This spirit spreads through the university and further resonance throughout the entire country. Here, the opportunities truly are endless and only a dream away.



 Thimo Marchl, Austria
The university's small size allows a great working atmosphere between students and teachers. Despite the size, the University of Liechtenstein offers a great cultural diversity due to students from all over the world. Those experiences will help everyone interacting with people in their future no matter where they are.


Carolina Martinez, Colombia

One of the biggest dilemmas we face nowadays is whether to go for a master or to acquire work experience in order to enter a highly competitive market. To be in a master program, that not only allows but fully supports, that students work and study at the same time gives me the confidence that I will be going out fully prepared and with a competitive advantage ready to start my professional career.



Kemal Tuncelli, Turkey

Studying in Liechtenstein means having a close relationship to your lecturers, enjoying motivating classes with multinational fellows and taking advantage of the brilliant career opportunities.