Meet the faculty

The Master’s degree programme is characterized by a high degree of internationality, which is a result of the international team of instructors and the continued collaboration with international guest reviewers for mid term and final reviews of the design studios. Furthermore, intercultural exchange is promoted by excursion projects and design seminars conducted by internationally renowned experts.


The programme’s faculty consists of internationally renowned researchers and practitioners who provide both, local expertise and global experience.


Academic setting

Students work in small groups in close collaboration with design instructors and other teaching staff. This environment promotes individuality and fosters personal commitment. The interaction of students of over 30 different nationalities with students and instructors from the neighbouring countries as well as from overseas creates a cosmopolitan atmosphere shaped by regional identity.

The Institute provides studio spaces for 70 students in the Master’s degree programme, with individual workplaces for each student. This setup fosters an intensive and personal work environment with invaluable informal contact between students and instructors, as well as a lively interdisciplinary exchange with students and staff of other academic disciplines taught at the university.