Social commitment

You will actively using your skills and abilities to shape and improve our environment and our society.


We will support you in developing projects and initiatives for the benefit of the community in order to strengthen the sense of responsibility towards society.

Pro bono projects are an essential component of the curriculum and consist of three phases:
> In the concept phase, ideas are developed and analyses carried out.
> In the execution phase, the ideas are translated into reality. 
> The students use the reflection phase to look review the process in retrospect.

Projects of the University of Liechtenstein (Selection)
> Base camp
Loipahütta (cross-country skiing cabin)
Maasai Community Art Space 

Projects and initiatives by or with students / alumni / lecturers of the University of Liechtenstein (selection)
> FreeVeloPoint (free rental bikes)
> (architecture collective)
Gustav -  (meeting platform for young artists)
Kompott (design initiative)
Neuraum (space for culture and society)
Sidai  (Charity helping Maasai girls and women)
> Skatepark Chur 
Wanderkiosk (small mobile food, drink and retail kiosk as a communication space)