Many of our students, alumni and lecturers have been awarded renowned prizes for their achievements a selection:

Vorarlberg Timber Construction Prize 2019

Winner in the category single family home: Alumnus Lukas Schelling (Metzler Schelling Architekten ZT, Dornbirn, Austria) 

Recognition award in the category single family home: Senior Lecturer Martin Mackowitz (ma_ma) with Helmut Taudes

Recognition award in the category restoration/renovation/upcycling: Senior Lecturer Hugo Dworzak and Alumnus Stephan Grabher (Architekturwerkstatt Dworzak-Grabher, Lustenau, Austria).

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ARCC Dissertation Prize 2019

Clarissa Rhomberg, research assistant at the Institute for Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein, was awarded the international ARCC Dissertation Prize for her doctoral thesis.  Read more...

Holz-Oskar 2018 (Prize for wooden constructions)

The Verein Holzkreislauf awarded the Holz-Oskar 2018 to the University of Liechtenstein alumnus Lars Huser of Huser Schnell Architects for the project Forsthaus Bannholz in Vaduz.
The ArchitekturAtelier Vaduz received two recognition awards: The two University of Liechtenstein alumni Claudia Salzgeber and Martin Ott from ArchitekturAtelier received an award for their Haberfeld Nature Park project in Vaduz, and also received an award for their Haberfeld Nature Park project. 

Bester Umbau 2018  (best reconstruction/modification)

Prof. Urs Meister together with his architectural office Käferstein & Meister Architekten, wins one of two jury prizes for the architecture award “best conversion 2018” for his modification of a farmhouse from 2014 - 2016. The winner’s trophy – the bronze construction glove – was presented to them at the Swissbau in Basel.

Swiss Energy Award Watt d’Or 2018 

Prof. Dietrich Schwarz, Professor of Sustainable Design, and Christoph Ospelt, a lecturer at the Institute for Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein, are among the winners of the Swiss Energy Award Watt d'Or in 2018. For a new construction and renovation project in Zurich, they were able to win the seal of quality for energy excellence in the category “Buildings and Space”.

Liechtenstein Research Prize 2018           

At the “Dies Academicus 2018”, the university lecturer Cornelia Faisst was awarded the “Liechtenstein Prize for Young Researchers 2018” in the category “Project” for her work at the Maasai Community Art Space.
In addition, the lecturers Bernd Krauss, Bernhard Gasser and Michael Wagner were nominated for the Mentor Award and Best Teaching Award by the students of the University of Liechtenstein.

The Best House 2018                   

Julia Kick, a lecturer at the Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein, has won the Vorarlberg Jury Award in the competition “Best House 2018” for the conversion of a farm building in Dornbirn.

Successful appearance at the Architecture Biennale 2018 in Venice

The team with the young Liechtenstein architects Luis Hilti and Matilde Igual Capdevila won the ideas competition for the Liechtenstein appearance at the Architecture Biennale 2018 in Venice. Read more...

Bauherrenpreis 2017 (construction award) and Piranesi Award nomination 2017      

Design lecturer Hugo Dworzak and University of Liechtenstein Alumnus Stefan Grabher won the Austrian Bauherrenpreis 2017 and a nomination for the 2017 Piranesi Award for their project Sägerbrücke Dornbirn.

Liechtenstein Research Prize 2017

The “Liechtenstein Prize for Young Researchers 2017” was awarded to the young researchers Vera Kaps and Celina Martinez-Cañavate Souviron for the research project PARK and to Jörn von Grabe for the best publication.

Mentoring prize 2017   

In 2017, the first mentoring prize, awarded by the students of the University of Liechtenstein, went to Jeannette Risch in 2017.

Constructive Alps 2017

Among the 30 finalists at Constructive Alps 2017 were once again a number of our University of Liechtenstein lecturers and alumni. These included Hugo Dworzak, Stephan Grabher and Ulli Mayer with Urs Hüssy.

Bauwelt Magazine Award 2017

The architecture alumnus Sebastian Kofink was honoured, together with his architectural office Kofink Schels for the project “Conversion of a barn into an artist’s studio in Rueyres, France” with the Bauwelt Magazine Award 2017 which carries a prize of 5000 euros. Read more...

European Architectural Medals 2017 – Shortlist

Two years ago, Master’s student Laurentiu Stancu won the “European Architectural Medals for the Best Diploma Projects” award, and this year another student from the University of Liechtenstein, Dalal Elarji, is on the shortlist with the top 30 works. Read more...

Austrian Bauherrenpreis 2017 (construction award)     

The lecturer at the Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein, Hugo Dworzak, and Stefan Grabher, an alumnus of the University of Liechtenstein, were, together with the  client Dornbirn/Vorarlberg awarded the Bauherrenpreis 2017 for their project Sägerbrücke in Dornbirn. Read more...

Vorarlberg Wood Prize 2017 and Wuhrstrasse competition, Vaduz

A total of six lecturers and graduates from the University of Liechtenstein were presented with either one of the Vorarlberg Timber Construction Prizes 2017 or an accolade. In addition, several of our alumni and lecturers successfully participated in the Wuhrstrasse competition, Vaduz and secured the first three positions. Read more...

MAECENAS award 2017 – Accolade

The exhibition “Female Maasai Master Builders from Ololosokwan" curated and designed by Cornelia Faisst for the Women's Museum Hittisau received the recognition award for “Art and Culture” during the Austrian Arts Sponsorship awards MAECENAS 2017.

Constructive Alps 2017 – Nomination

Lecturers and alumni of the University of Liechtenstein are among the 30 finalists of the Architecture Prize “Constructive Alps”. Hugo Dworzak and Stephan Grabher were nominated for their project “t4-Wohnen” in Stickereiloft in Lustenau (A) and Uli Mayer and Urs Hüssy received a nomination for their project “Apartment Building, Gapont” in Triesen (FL). Read more...

Architecture critics competition 2016

Young people write about young people: the principle of the first competition for architectural critics organised by “werk, bauen + wohnen” and the Association of Swiss Architects BSA is just as simple as it is illuminating. Fabian Ruppanner's excellent text was published in the magazine “werk, bauen + wohnen”. Read more...

Best Architects 2016, Golf Clubhouse competition and Fohn Scholarship 2016

The design lecturers Robert Fabach and Urs Meister were named as “Best Architects 2016”, Bernardo Bader won the Golf Clubhouse competition in Bad Ragaz, and student Dominic Lüftenegger was awarded the Fohn Scholarship for his Master's thesis. Read more...

SIA recognition award 2016 (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects)  

Architectural student Samuel Wuest addressed the reintroduction of Pashmina production in northern India in his Master's thesis and was awarded a recognition prize by the Structural Conservation Group (FEB) of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (sia). Read more...

European Architectural Medal – Best Diploma Project 2015

Laurentiu Tiberiu Stancu received the first prize for the “Best Diploma Project” at the European Architectural Medals for his Master’s thesis “Alp Ark”. Jury quote: “We, the jury are convinced that this is a truly perfect project.” Read more... and at EAM

Global Schindler Award 2015

At the award ceremony of the Global Schindler Award 2015 in Shenzhen on 30 April, 2015, two architecture students from the University of Liechtenstein received prizes. In the global competition, their design for the Chinese city of Shenzhen was one of 12 projects from 250 competition entries that were nominated. Read more...

SIA recognition award 2015            

The architecture Bachelor’s graduate Dinah Brütsch from the University of Liechtenstein won the recognition award endowed with CHF 500 from the Structural Conservation Group (FEB) of the Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects (SIA) for her Bachelor’s thesis “Shift Change”. Read more...

World Architecture Festival 2014

The architecture Master’s student Fashi Ud Din Khan was selected for the World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2014, and represents the University of Liechtenstein at this event from 01.-03.10.2014 in Singapore. Fashi Ud Din Khan was chosen for his projects/workshops “5x5, Shelter after disaster” and “Syria Workshop”, which he worked on during his semester abroad at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Read more...

DETAIL scholarships 2013

The two architecture Bachelor’s graduates Jakob Fink and Severine Frehner have been awarded two out of four DETAIL scholarships 2013. The scholarship recipients benefit from a monthly grant of €500 a month. They were selected from 133 applicants by a jury.

Best Architects 2013, hardwood competition and accolade Prix Lignum 2012

Professor Urs Meister won the gold medal at the international architecture competition Best Architects 2013 for his design of a residential building in Küsnacht. The "Best Architects" award is regarded as a seal of quality for outstanding architectural achievement, propelling the award-winning architects and architecture firms to the forefront of the international architectural scene. Meister also won the hardwood competition of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN as well as an accolade at the Swiss Prix Lignum 2012.