In the Project Studio, visionary architectural and spatial designs are developed and tested. There is no division between theory and design.


Building on the fundamental teachings of the Bachelor’s degree programme, the Master’s degree
programme in Architecture focuses on the differences in design and building in response to varying
environmental, social and cultural contexts. It integrates the urgent pursuits of sustainable
environmental, social and economic agendas through cultural engagement. The programme's curriculum
reflects the diverse and complex challenges facing architecture as a responsible, globally connected yet
locally enacted profession today – but also seeks to resolve these through a unified agenda in shaping the
built environment.

Above all, students successfully completing the Master’s degree programme in Architecture are enabled
a) execute their future profession according to important and fresh insights gained from academic
research and practice;
b) assume leadership roles while committed to responsibility in action;
c) think and act in a sustainable, holistic, global and interdisciplinary way;
d) carry responsibility for our future and cultural heritage;
e) independently conduct in-depth academic work that is required for admission to a doctoral degree

The design studios give students the opportunity to engage with the broad field of architecture on a
variety of scales applying a multitude of design and research methods, preparing them for the demands of
the broad field of sustainable architecture and urban planning and seeking to shape not only the leaders
of a design process, but an architectural culture itself that can lead our society forward. The necessary
theoretical knowledge and tools to successfully implement culturally sustainable strategies in architecture
and urban design are taught in the Advanced Studios and Master’s Thesis. Together with a series of
Essentials and Electives as well as Pro Bono Projects they enable students to develop and strengthen their
personal fields of interests. The programme aims to nurture talented students who are committed to
pushing the boundaries of their knowledge in the broad field of architectural design towards
sustainability, social responsibility and critical thinking.

Small classes and one-to-one teaching in Advanced Studios provide a personal, creative and productive
learning and research environment focussing on the cultivation of strong individual profiles. An optional
exchange semester at one of the Institute’s high-profile international partner-universities helps students
to test their acquired knowledge in a different cultural and academic environment.

The programme focuses on the three main themes Craft, Landscape and Upcycling


Truly international

The Master’s degree programme in Architecture is highly international, a result of the international student body, the team of instructors with international experience in practice, research and education, the continued collaboration with international academic partner institutions as well as international guest reviewers for mid-term and final reviews. Furthermore, intercultural exchange is promoted by excursion projects and design seminars conducted by internationally renowned experts.



Student Perspective