Our students grow with the challenges posed by their studies. The journey is the reward and the development process is more important than the result. We provide you with space and time for your personal development together with comprehensive support from mentors.


Parallel to the official reviews/exams at the end of each semester, a regular mentoring procedure takes place throughout the Master’s degree programme. The goal is to support and advise the student in forming a coherent study plan. On the basis of a portfolio review, the mentors formulate recommendations which are part of the overall assessment.

The goal of mentoring the students is to analyse their performance and evaluate whether continuing to the Master’s thesis is recommendable. The mentoring consists of an assessment of the portfolio, reports from the project studio supervisors and critical self‐reflection by the student. Clear recommendations for the further course of studies are then made.

Peer Learning

Students also become actively involved in lectures in the role of Student Tutors and are encouraged to take on responsibility, thus becoming mentors themselves.