Design Seminar: BANGLADESH - a lesson in the Art of Upcycling

Studio Heringer

The Design Seminar will take us to our building site in the rural region of Jhenaigati, Bangladesh.
We will get to know the cultural region, experience unfamiliar climatic conditions and meet our
clients. Besides visiting nearby projects like the Meti schools in Rudrapur and an ongoing
construction site, other vernacular buildings are in our focus to study the traditional building
techniques. We will spend our time to get in contact with the local people, discuss, walk,
debate, eat, breathe and learn more about how to construct in clay from local craftsmen who
are the experts. Also located in Rudrapur we will visit Didi Textiles, a cooperation between
crafts-woman and designers, producing sustainable clothing based on local textile traditions.
Being there we get the chance to be involved in a special design workshop.
The whole study Trip is meant as an interdisciplinary journey, expanding the borders of our
known architectural practice. With a positive forward thinking and responsibility in mind we
want to experience the importance of architecture of being a social catalyst of a future
Presumed Route : 3 days Rudrapur - 2 days
Jhenaigati - 1 day Dhaka