Design Studio Schwarz

Iceland ‐ land of fairies and elves

Supervisor: Dietrich Schwarz

Assistant: Martin Mackowitz

What should we do? ‐ Look, Allow!

Our task consists of looking, seeing and knowing. Iceland is ideal to track down the principle of concentration. We seek to recognize reality in it's beauty and imperfection to understand knowledge and develop appropriate responses. Because being human and taking action adheres the transformation of matter, the bridge to architecture is often very obvious. We are looking for an architecture not as an end in itself, or as a proof of the genius of its creator, but rather as a link between man and nature. The sub‐theme of our studio is water ‐ the key element of our research and starting point for the architectural implementation. We will recognize water as a life‐giving elixir ‐ may it be a river, a fountain or a spring ‐ it has the power to even awake the lava fields to life and movement. We will identify water as a blessing to our body whether we drink it or if we wash. We will investigate the use of water as part of the culture. Based on this knowledge we will develop starting points for architectural programs. On the field trip or through the research each student will shape his personal point of view and find the appropriate architectural task. Through reflection concentration should be generated, both ‐ in thinking and in the architectural work.