Design Studio Schwarz

Learning from Jerusalem

Supervisor: Dietrich Schwarz

Assistant: Martin Mackowitz

“Conflict, Negotiation and the Architecture of the City” is the theme that will be carried by the Studio Schwarz in collaboration with Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the municipality of Jerusalem. Our task will be based on the observation and the understating of this disputed territory and its origin, in order to find the reason and the essence of peace.

We will be focused on the physical borderlines between Palestine and Israel, but also on the political, ethical, ideological and every kind of border and aspect that divides or unifies its society. We will continue also with the theme of concentration and its relation to sustainability, understanding all the layers of culture, history and architecture, which are translated to knowledge.

The subject will be first approached by the analysis of the three physical parameters of reality: time, space and matter. Then we will get closer to it with an excursion seminar in Jerusalem, that will help to clarify many of the questions that arise with the research and will allow us to create our own imaginary of the city and its situation. The result then will be a project that aims to serve as base for the resolution of conflicts and to shape the ideal of peace for the future.