Design Studio Schwarz

Mexico - Landscape: Habitat as an existential basis

Supervisor: Dietrich Schwarz 

Assistant: Rodrigo Alba Krasovsky


to build – to sustain – to be

The task will be to make programmatic and architectonic proposals for a rural community in the state of Oaxaca, a region that was very damaged by the earthquakes that hit Mexico last September. Beyond the catastrophe, the earthquake left spaces not only to re-think the way of construction, but also the way of life. In that sense, we will look for solutions that bring people back in relation to their landscape.


conserve – communicate – recreate – culture

We will focus on a rural region in Mexico, where people are still strongly related to their ethnic roots and to the land, a place where culture plays a primordial role in the quality of life of the inhabitants.


This semester  the studio will collaborate with the community and with different experts like artisans and engineers, as well as two organizations, “Red Global de Mexicanos” and “Techo” to seek that one of the projects becomes a reality.


On the design seminar we will go to visit the state of Oaxaca. We will visit the sites, do workshops together with the community and learn from the vernacular and the contemporary architecture of the place.