Research Semester

Cultural Identities

Supervisor: Alberto Alessi

Assistant: Rodrigo Alba Krasovsky


Designing the Institute’s Summer Exhibition 2017
entitled « Cultural Identities »


This semester’s research project is seeking answers to the following questions:

1. What parameters help define a (spatial) cultural identity? How are cultural identities influencing architecture and urban design (in our particular geographic context)?

2. How can the theme “cultural identities” be exhibited including the output of various studios at the Institute?


Under the guidance of several faculty members the students will develop both essential content as well as a design strategy for the exhibition. The result will be a scientific book/catalogue as well as detailed architectural drawings/ models etc for the exhibition to be held in the foyer. It is the Institute’s aim to implement/ build the exhibition during the Summer Semester 2017. Ideally, the exhibition design can be re‐used for future Summer Exhibitions and therefore takes into consideration the particular conditions in the University of Liechtenstein’s spaces (particularly the foyer) and facilities. It could also be possible to imagine the exhibition travelling to other international institutions.