Advanced Studio Upcycling (en)

Hi story! Notre-Dame reloaded

As an institution the church is undergoing a fundamental change, its original task, social
and architectural functions are increasingly being questioned. What are the challenges
of European church building nowadays and in the future? How can architecture
contribute that churches do not degenerate into museums and selfie backgrounds?
Sacral architecture has always been characterized by processes of re- and further use of
materials, constructions, spaces and liturgy. After the great fire in April 2019 the
reconstruction of the Notre-Dame in Paris – an incunabulum of European cathedrals –
opens up the opportunity not only to continue the history of the church, but also to tell
a new chapter. The focus of this advanced studio is on the reuse of history, construction
and materiality. An interest in researching the existing matter and in digital design
techniques is a prerequisite.