Patrick Prinz.jpeg“The University of Liechtenstein features a unique platform for students to step into financial industry. After I left university, I have been working with Citi, an American investment bank, for 14 months now. I spent two months in London, that represents the major financial hub in EMEA and it provides the ideal platform to meet my fellows of the new analyst class. Now I'm working as an investment banker in a regional office in Zurich. Our team serves the biggest corporations and financial institutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The University of Liechtenstein was the right choice. It's exotic and unique, two characteristics which are sought after in financial industry and can make the difference.”

Patrick Prinz – MSc in Banking and Financial Management, 2014. Corporate & Investment Banking Analyst at Citi, Zurich







Anke Sielker.jpeg„I very much enjoyed my time in Liechtenstein. The study programme prepared me well for my current job in Insurance-Linked Securities and Reinsurance, which is a very specialised field. I knew right from the start, that Asset Management was not my ultimate career path, and the personal interview with Prof. Menichetti convinced me even more to do this Master as aspects of quantitative finance were essential for working in the reinsurance industry. At AIR worldwide I liaise regularly with our head office in Boston, and work with Investors from Liechtenstein and Switzerland. This way I stay in touch with the people in Liechtenstein and its beautiful region.“

Anke Sielker - MSc in Banking and Financial Management, 2012. Senior Business Development Associate at AIR Worldwide, Munich


Marina Vasileva.jpeg"I am proud to be an Alumni Ambassador", states Marina Vasileva, first ambassador of the newly established Alumni Ambassador Programme at the University of Liechtenstein.
"In my current job as Fund Officer at CAIAC Fund Management AG, I get to see the big picture in the field of investment fund management – from the fund's construction, to the accounting, risk management, asset management, etc. The university had the perfect study programme for me, which made it possible to satisfy my interest in the financial markets while developing my soft skills and academic research capabilities.“

Marina Vasileva - MSc in Finance, 2014. Fund Officer at CAIAC Fund Management AG (Centre for Alternative Investments and Administrative Competence), Liechtenstein


Christoph Haller.jpeg„Apart from a first quality education in the fields of Banking and Financial Markets, the study programme helped me enhance my communication skills and extend my personal network, which are two crucial aspects of my current work. My team is specialised in sourcing and advising trusts, fund management, investment management and insurance companies. Open and trustworthy communication is key to success for all parties involved.“

Christoph Haller - MSc in Banking and Financial Management, 2008. Bank Frick, Balzers in Liechtenstein, Head of Institutional Clients, since July 2015







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