Educational aims

The MSc in Finance at the University of Liechtenstein aims to provide advanced state-of-the-art knowledge of finance. It focuses on the core aspects of asset and wealth management, risk management and international finance.

Hence, graduates will gain knowledge of the methodology required to successfully manage the challenges and responsibilities of any finance-related jobs. The programme has been developed based on industry demands in knowledge, methodological skills, entrepreneurial understanding and team orientation.

We prepare graduates for professional careers in international settings by offering projects conducted in collaboration with financial services companies and international partner universities.

  • Our graduates know theoretical fundamentals and current empirical findings about the decision behaviour of individuals and institutions and are able to apply their knowledge to practical situations.
  • Our graduates understand risk management as an important success factor for economic activities and apply risk management techniques which are appropriate for the situation at hand.
  • Our graduates take ethical considerations into account when making decisions
  • Our graduates are able to transfer insights and results from academic literature to practical decision-making and communicate effectively on topics within their discipline.

In order to solve complex problems, students will learn how to apply relevant quantitative and empirical research methods. Ethics, teamwork, leadership competence, project management, presentation and communication skills are also indispensable in today’s working environment, therefore they are taught within an interdisciplinary module. Step-by-step students will be trained to ultimately perform their own research (Master Thesis).