Excellence in Finance

Wealth Management is of central importance for Liechtenstein as a financial market place. This is also reflected in the core areas of research and teaching at the university’s chairs, which are all incorporated in the “Liechtenstein House of Finance”.

The umbrella term “Private and Public Wealth Management” summarises the chairs academic focus on Financial Markets, Centres, Institutions, Structures, and Products, which are examined under financial, legal and fiscal terms.

Consequently, the Master’s degree programme in Finance provides expertise in these research fields:


Chair for Business Administration, Banking and Financial Management (Team Prof. Dr. Marco J. Menichetti)

  • Equity & Alternative Investments
  • Exchange Rate Risk Management
  • Sustainable Finance

Chair for Finance (Team Prof. Dr. Michael Hanke)

  • Asset Allocation
  • Financial Optimisation
  • Behavioural Finance


Chair for Company, Foundation and Trust Law (Team Prof. Dr. Francesco Schurr)

  • Wealth Structures – Asset Protection
  • Philanthropy


Chair for Tax Management and the Laws of International and Liechtenstein Taxation (Team Prof. Dr. Martin Wenz)

  • Analysis and design of tax systems
  • Microsimulation Models
  • International Taxation: individuals, companies, structures, financial instruments
  • International tax planning
  • International Tax cooperation: DTA, TIEA, MC, TA, TACP (LDF), BEPS, FATCA, MCAA (aEol)

Besides, internationally recognised visiting professors and lecturers provide further insights into their own research areas:

International Professors and Lecturers

Assoc. Prof. Jan Bartholdy, PhD (Department of Economics and Business Economics, Aarhus University, Denmark)

  • Stock Market Dividend Policy and Equity Markets
  • Capital Structure
  • Corporate Finance and Business Assessment

Assoc. Prof. Kourosh M. Rasmussen (DTU Management Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)

  • Scenario Optimisation Models for Individual Life-cycle Asset Allocation

Prof. Dr. Alex Weissensteiner (Faculty for Economics, Free University Bolzano, Italy)

  • Life-Cycle Asset Allocation
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Asset-Liability Management
  • Financial Engineering

Prof. Dr. Martin Kukuk (Chair for Econometrics, University of Würzburg, Germany)

  • Risk Management - Focus: Quantification of Operational Risks , Extreme Value Theory
  • Relationships of Fractional Co-integration - Focus: Generalisation of the classical term of Co-integration, Fractional Integration, Market Efficiency Hypothesis, Application of quantitative methods in Financial Markets , Structural Interruptions

MMag. Sabine Abenthum-Feil (Senior Manager, Bearing Point GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

  • Operational Risk Management

Dr. Thomas Gitzel (Chief Economist, VP Bank, Vaduz, Liechtenstein)

  • Inernational Economics for Finance

Roger H. Hartmann (Hartmann Advice, Lausanne, Switzerland)

  • Wealth Management Transformation
  • Financial Markets
  • Banking Strategy