Personal development

Personal development

Personal development is a key aspect of our study programme. Graduates looking for employment will not only be assessed by their knowledge acquired during studies, but also by their ability for dealing with people, handling pressure, thinking creatively or acting responsibly.

Team projects and group work within our core modules are aimed to further develop our students‘ social and communication skills, leadership potential and team work capacities.

Besides the core curriculum students are also offered a series of cross-faculty-elective courses with interdisciplinary focus topics, that build the basis in teaching and research across all chairs of the university.

Interdisciplinary topics are designed to contribute to the students’ personal development, whilst at the same time boosting reflective skills, operational competencies and a sense of responsibility.

The University of Liechtenstein significantly expands its offering of interdisciplinary teaching in the fields of Humanities, Cultural and Social Sciences in order to provide students with a wider spectrum of knowledge enabling them to sharpen their ability in adopting a holistic view.

Please visit the cross-faculty-electives webpage for detailed information on the offered subjects.