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Hilti and the University of Liechtenstein extend their collaboration

Hilti Corporation and the University of Liechtenstein have extended the agreement for the Hilti Chair at the Institute of Information Systems for another four years.

The aim of the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management, which was set up in 2007, is to enable collaboration between academics and industry through a practical approach. It focuses upon the development of innovative business models by using modern information and communication technologies. Over the last few years, the team reporting to the Head of the Chair, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, has realized more than 30 projects with regional companies. Four competence centers were set up, funded by the Government of Liechtenstein and regional industry, enabling rapid and direct transfer of knowledge. As part of the Bachelor, Master's and PhD studies at the University of Liechtenstein, more than 350 students so far have been educated by the Hilti Chair. Besides approximately 300 academic contributions in renowned publications, the Chair has published a number of specialist books that today are considered standard academic literature.

According to Jörg Kampmeyer, member of the Hilti Executive Board, this track record speaks for the ongoing commitment:

“The numerous projects that have been realized, the superior quality of the training and education and the strong international research network are evidence of the successful work that is undertaken by the Hilti Chair. We and many other companies in the region benefit from this IT expertise. Therefore, it is one of our objectives to offer extensive support for research and education over the next few years too.”

Klaus Näscher, rector of the University of Liechtenstein, considers the new agreement as a fundamental sign of trust:

“It underlines the successful partnership and I am particularly pleased about that. In order to expand and optimize our activities, we are increasingly depending on such funding. This collaboration is extremely beneficial not only to the project partners but also for the entire business location.”

A recent example of this is the upcoming introduction of the new Data Science course. This specialization on the Master's program was developed together with regional industry and injects practical know-how on the subject of Big Data into the curriculum. The effective management of large amounts of data is also an important issue for the future at Hilti and is being driven forward in a project with the Chair.

From a business perspective, the contact with junior talents is also extremely important. The internationality of the students and the academic networks of the Chair open up additional recruitment opportunities. Furthermore, the Fellowship programs offer selected Master's students the opportunity to become part of an international project team for a semester while also attending seminars at the University of Liechtenstein.