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Status – Mandate – Mission Statement


The University of Liechtenstein is an internationally recognised public university, carried by the state and industry.


A better future through knowledge – The University of Liechtenstein helps building the country`s future and enables people to develop an independent perspective.

The University of Liechtenstein generates new knowledge in her areas of expertise and, through the proximity between research and teaching, is a well-known place for education and further training. This forms the foundation for an excellent reputation.

Personalities, that do not simply search for answers but rather actively develop their abilities to think and assume responsibility, meet at the University of Liechtenstein. Through the strong identification of alumni with their alma mater, the University of Liechtenstein is a central hub in a vibrant network of people and institutions.

Mission Statement

We shape the future especially through:

> Personalities with an outstanding education who bring their competencies to the economy and society (brain gain)
> Research and transfer projects, which lead to innovation and make the region more competitive

We work on international problems and challenges, which are of particular importance to the business location, financial centre and habitat Liechtenstein – today and tomorrow.

The Principles of Our Work

> Entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour at all levels
The further development and securing of quality in teaching and research needs long-term planning security. We expand our academic and strategic scope through a high and sustainable proportion of third-party funds and sponsoring.

> Innovative planning and realisation
We ensure high acceptance by and attractiveness to students and alumni through a continued innovative further development of our study programmes regarding their quality and the needs of science as well as the regional and global job market. Through research in relevant niches, we make a considerable contribution to the solution of current economic and social issues.

> Regional anchorage and internationality
From our region, we position the University of Liechtenstein in the global university landscape through the diversity of our students, lecturers and researchers as well as the international reach of research and teaching. This corresponds with the regional need for international establishment and networking.

Profile - What the University of Liechtenstein provides

The qualitatively high-ranking offers and services are characterised by a combination of specialist qualification, character building, “thought-schooling” and development of the capacity to act. The services of the University of Liechtenstein are based on the following pillars:
> The institutes: Entrepreneurship, Financial Services, Information Systems and Architecture and Planning
> The range of performance: teaching, research, transfer and further education
> The research focuses: Growth and Complexity, Wealth Management, Business Process Management, Sustainable Planning and Building