Head of Institute

Prof. Dr. sc. ETH Dipl.-Ing. Anne Brandl
Co-Director of Institute (ad interim), Professor

Dipl.-Arch. FH Jeannette Risch
Co-Director of Institute (ad interim)

Prof. Peter A. Staub
Member of Institute Management, Chair

Dipl. Arch. BSA/HTL Dieter Jüngling
Senior Lecturer, Program Director Bachelor

University Teachers


Research Assistants / PhD Students

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Schwarzmann
Research Assistant / PhD Student

Dr. sc. Vera Kaps
Research Assistant / Postdoc

Dr. sc. Anna-Lydia Capaul, MSc Arch
Research Assistant / PhD Student

Dalal Elarji, MSc Arch
Research Assistant / PhD Student

Luis Gabriel Hilti, MSc ETH
Research Assistant, Lecturer

Andreas Lehner, MSc Arch
Research Assistant

Teresa Rädler, MSc Arch
Research Assistant

Team Assistants

Student Assistants

Lina Gasperi
Student Assistant

Serena Keller
Student Assistant