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Propter Homines Chair for Banking and Financial Market Law

Propter Homines Chair for Banking and Financial Market Law

The Propter Homines Foundation set up the Chair for Banking and Financial Market Law in the year 2010. Since then, the chair have made an important contribution by analyzing general issues in the entire field of Banking and Securities Law. Its main focus lies on the region Liechtenstein – D/A/CH on the one side as well as the European Union on the other side.

The employees of the Propter Homines Chair for Banking and Financial Market Law focus on current regulatory issues at the European and national level, whereby especially impacts on Liechtenstein’s financial market are analyzed at the heart of the chair’s activities. A special focus of the employees lies on the practice-oriented research, which concentrates on current issues (e.g. FinTech, bank rehabilitation, legal issues of the banking union, PSD 2 etc).

The Propter Homines Chair for Banking and Financial Market Law not only sees its function in the research of major regulatory challenges for Liechtenstein’s financial market, but also in the transfer of knowledge. By continuously organizing professional events, it is aimed to actively transfer knowledge to the stakeholders of Liechtenstein’s financial market and discuss research results. At several events (Liechtensteinischer Fondstag, Bankrechtsforum etc) organized by the chair, participants are offered the chance to actively deal with current regulatory issues. As a result of the chair’s close cooperation with stakeholders of the market place Liechtenstein, several cooperation projects are carried out at the moment (e.g. transfer projects, expert conferences etc).

Furthermore, the contents worked out by the chair’s employees are implemented in the Bachelor`s degree program in Business Administration, Master’s degree program in Finance as well as in the Executive Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Banking and Financial Market Law. On this level as well, the employee’s aim is to convey current regulatory developments in form of practice-oriented courses.



University Teachers

Dr. iur. Judith Ellen Sild
Assistant Professor

Assistants / Administration

Monika Züger

Sabrina Weithaler, BA
Project Collaborator

Dipl. Kff. Nadja Dobler
Executive Director (of Programme)

Research Assistants

Dr. Bernhard Burtscher
Research Assistant / Postdoc

Mag. Dr. Rainer Silbernagl
Research Assistant / Postdoc

Research Assistants / PhD Students

Dr.iur. Marco Dworschak
Research Associate

Research Assistants / PhD Students

Associated Researchers

MMag. Dr. Thomas Stern, MBA
Associated Researcher

Supervised doctoral students from partner universities

Student Assistants

Irma Kessler, BSc
Student Assistant