Institute of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial thinking and activity are central to the Institute of Entrepreneurship. Essentially it is a matter of discovering entrepreneurial opportunities, developing innovative business ideas and realising them on the international markets. This vision can be traced through all the Institute’s areas of activity – teaching, continuing education, knowledge and technology transfer and research.

We analyse questions of entrepreneurship and innovation on well-grounded theoretical foundations, and work out concrete strategic recommendations for business practice. Our core competence fields include Strategy, Technology and Innovation, Corporate Entrepreneurship / Change Management, Internationalisation and Business Growth. 

Focus on application orientation    
The Institute adopts an application-oriented and multidisciplinary approach to research. The guideline for all research projects is that research should be pursued on a solid basis of behavioural science and economic theory. We aspire here to the highest standards: our Institute is regularly represented at leading international academic conferences in the fields of entrepreneurship, international management, management and organisation, strategic management and technology and innovation management. In addition to this, we publish our research findings on a regular basis in leading international academic journals. Numerous prizes and awards testify to our competitiveness in the international arena.

Suggesting solutions for practical problems    
In addition, it is a high priority for us – in the light of the ‘rigor vs. relevance’ debate – not just to rest on our theoretical laurels, but to apply our research results actively in the context of society and the economy. Numerous longstanding partnerships with companies of the region document our success in this area. As well as opportunities of direct involvement in research projects, we also offer companies the option of public-private partnership models. This can involve a sponsorship role for doctoral candidates at our Institute. The student will then work, in partnership with the company and under supervision by a professor, on the development of solutions for selected problems originating in business practice.