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Chair in Business Administration, Banking and Financial Management


The focus of the Chair of Business Administration, Banking and Financial Management of Prof. Dr. Marco J. Menichetti is in International Asset Management and Currency Risk, Equity Investing and Sustainable Investments. In these areas the chair is open for cooperation and transfer projects.


Current Research Projects
Study Programmes and Further Education

Research results are used in teaching and transfer projects. The chair is responsible for the implementation and content of the following study programmes:

Events and Conferences

The chair is also actively involved in the organization and design of the following events and conferences:

In addition, the employees of the chair work in bodies of academic self-government (Teaching Commission, Doctorate Commission, Habilitation Commission, International Commission, Mittelbau and Senate).

Further information:





University Teachers

Dr. Lars Kaiser
Assistant Professor

Assistants / Administration

Research Assistants / PhD Students

Hendrik Peer Kimmerle, M.Sc.
Research Assistant / PhD Student, Executive Director (of Programme)

Research Assistants / PhD Students

Tian Luan, MSc
Research Assistant / PhD Student

Jennifer Nadine Schein, MSc
Research Assistant

Associated Researchers

Student Assistants

Tobias Brunner
Student Assistant