Chair in Finance

The holder of the Chair in Finance, Professor Michael Hanke, and other faculty members are concerned with select topics in the field of finance, especially quantitative finance (financial engineering and derivatives, portfolio management, asset allocation, risk management, financial simulation and optimisation), pension finance, empirical finance and behavioural / experimental finance. In all the above areas the Chair is likewise happy to act as a contact partner for cooperative ventures and transfer projects involving players from the Liechtenstein financial hub.

These subjects are taught on BSc, MSc and PhD degree courses, on the Executive MBA in International Asset Management and on continuing education courses. In the field of research, the Chair is active in giving lectures at conferences worldwide and through publications issued in internationally reputed professional journals.




University Teachers

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Sebastian Stöckl
Assistant Professor (with Tenure-Track) for Financial Economics

PD Dr. Martin Angerer
Assistant Professor

Research Assistants / PhD Students

Merlin Bartel, M.Sc.
Research Assistant / PhD Student

Marius Lennart Gramlich, M.Sc.
Research Assistant / PhD Student

Matthias Herrmann-Romero, MSc
Research Assistant / PhD Student

Lukas Salcher, MSc
Research Assistant / PhD Student

Dr. Andrea Rigamonti
Research Assistant / Postdoc

Research Assistants / PhD Students

Alexander Walch, MSc
Research Assistant

Student Assistants

Carl Haffer
Student Assistant