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Institute for Financial Services

The Institute for Financial Services consists of the departments of Finance, Law and Taxation, and currently comprises five Chairs. As the Liechtenstein House of Finance, the Institute is concerned with central questions and problems in the field of private and public wealth management. It analyses, in particular, the international developments and challenges which are of crucial importance for the successful development of Liechtenstein as a business and financial centre and for its protagonists in the fields of politics, administration, economics and controlling. In addition, the Institute for Financial Services makes its voice heard internationally in putting across Liechtenstein’s position at theoretical and practical level. The focus here is not just on Liechtenstein, but also embraces other German-speaking regions, being consistently based on a comparative cross-border four-countries approach: FL, AT, CH, DE. 




Head of Institute, Institute for Financial Services
Prof. Dr. Martin Wenz
Telefon +423 265 11 58
Fax +423 265 11 12
Assistant of Institute Management, Institute for Financial Services
Caroline Lindner
Telefon +423 265 11 92
Fax +423 265 11 12