Transfer Projects

Innovative Knowledge-Transfer Projects with Industry Partners

Researchers at the Institute of Information Systems regularly cooperate with the regional industry to support innovation and transformation projects. Examples for knowledge-transfer projects are "Liechtenstein Moments," an exhibition project with the Liechtenstein National Museum, a mail-digitisation project with the Liechtenstein Post Office, and an ECM project with the National Public Administration in Liechtenstein. A complete list of current and completed knowledge-transfer projects can be found here

  • Liechtenstein Moments
    The purpose of the project was to collect and analyse Liechtenstein-related posts from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The posts were presented in a special exhibition in the Liechtenstein National Museum.

    Partner: National Museum Liechtenstein, Vaduz
    Area: Culture
    Duration: 2013-2015
    Topic: Big Data Analytics

  • Digitization of postal mail 
    The project explored the economic potential of postal mail digitisation in regional companies. Sixteen factors were identified that determine digitization success.

    Partner: Liechtensteinische Post AG, Vaduz
    Area: Postal mail/logistics
    Duration: 2011-2012
    Topic: Business Process Management

  • ECM in Public Administration
    The project identified challenges that emerge when implementing ECM in public administration contexts. Fifteen success factors were identified at an organisational and departmental level. 

    Partner: National Public Administration Liechtenstein, Vaduz
    Area: Public administration
    Duration: 2009-2010
    Topic: Enterprise Content Management

The Institute of Information Systems not only conducts knowledge-transfer projects but also student projects. Further information about partner and student projects can be found here.